Week 5: Best Zombie Movies of All Time

As cell phones, laptops and game consoles seemed to come into fashion over time, so did the idea of ‘zombies’. Inspiring movie after movie, game after game to be created in under the same premise that we all have come to know. The dead coming back to life. The Dictionary definition states that a zombie is a body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less usually by a supernatural force for some evil purpose. Though that isn’t always the case was we see in the list below of the best zombie movies of all time. Warning, spoilers for more recent movies are ahead…

Number 7: REC

REC Movie Poster [English Version]

Taking last place in a night filled with horror movies and heart-wrenching moments is none other than REC (or ‘Recording’). Originally a movie produced in Spain, this movie was recognized for it’s truly horrifying reality to it. You follow the misadventure of a young reporter and her cameraman into an apartment building were an outbreak of a ‘virus’ has taken place. They are locked inside with the living… and not so living… residents to keep it from spreading. Though the plot is terrifying and reactions of the actors are excellent, it takes last place for absolutely awful English dubbing and reception by most media outlets. Many claim that it’s not a ‘zombie’ movie at all, and more demonic; though it’s clear to see by the ending that the young reporter got more than she bargained for.

Number 6: Land of the Dead

Land of the Dead Movie Poster

Congratulations if you are in this movie! It means that humanity has survived the outbreak of the dead all over the world and now have claimed an entire city of their own. The story follows Simon Baker (The Mentalist lead star) as Riley, who is the unwilling leader of a scavenging crew working for the ‘upper class’ of the city the humans have obtained. After a short disagreement and several double crossings (more like octo-crossings) Riley and his team must save those in the city from the remaining zombies of the world… who have now started to gain intelligence to use weapons and hunt humanity. Though the characters are well rounded with an interesting plot line, the ending and low budget film quality did not do this movie near as much justice as it deserved. Without Simon Baker and a few other well-known faces, this movie more than likely would not have made the list.

Number 5: Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead Movie Poster

This movie, like many others, has it’s pros and it’s cons. The start of the movie was extremely relaxing, sweet and not nearly enough to prepare for the coming gore. The Dawn of the Dead remake has some truly good plot twists, though doesn’t follow through with them very well. The characters made the positively most epic zombie survival team… only to destroy them. The ending also had an element of mystery… though then left the viewers hanging. The reactions of the stars were fantastic and the heightened fear of the entire scenario with the hints here and there of believable actions (i.e. actually NOT having a woman falling running away from a killer because she didn’t remove her heels) that a common person would find to be the right course of action made the movie seem more authentic. These last two are what saved this movie, along with the graphics and make-up of the stars and zombies.

Number 4: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Movie Poster

Don’t get me wrong here, Warm Bodies was a great movie. The characters, the plot, the graphics, the setting, all were absolutely fantastic. Although. There was one issue that was truly pushes this movie back so far from second place that it bounces back to fourth. It’s because of the underline plot of Romeo and Juliet. We all know that Shakespeare had a thing for tragic comedies, which this is more comedy than tragedy, but the entire movie being based on the old tale doesn’t connect. Yes, it is a love story, but has anyone actually looked at the real story of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo was nearly seventeen, got turned down by a girl who knew he was bad news, so goes out to swoon another girl (who happens to be fourteen), sleeps with her before planning to run away, then kills himself when he doesn’t understand the plan for her to be with him. They both die and the story ends with both sides of the family going ‘Oops’. How it connects to a zombie movie besides the names and love story (that thank god had a different ending) is beyond me.

Number 3: Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead fan poster

Need a laugh and a horror movie? Shaun of the Dead is definitely for you. This movie is based on a man who has absolutely nothing going for him. Terrible job, his best friend lives on his couch and is a slob, dumped by his girlfriend and now… he’s in the middle of a zombie outbreak. The only issue with this movie that could possibly come up is that (Spoiler) everyone DIES except for two people. Take a wild guess who those are in the picture above. Regardless, the ending has an almost surprising- yet sweet, end that was worth the watch. This movie has both the serious and the ridiculous parts that will you have you laughing while you cry.

Number 2: Zombieland

Zombieland Movie Poster

Ranking second place is a movie that has more worth in comedic gold than Shaun of the Dead. With actors from Now You See Me, the story revolves around the four survivors on their way to an amusement park. Why? Because it’s the end of the world and why not? With special debuts of Twinkies and Bill Murray, this movie will have you not just following the rules, but getting prepared for your own survival game with the ‘Zombieland Rules‘ that are explained throughout the movie.

Number 1: World War Z

World War Z Release Poster

No, this movie was not picked first because it had Brad Pitt in it. World War Z, having the largest of all the movie budgets, had absolutely incredible graphics, real life and believable situations, heart-racing plot, rounded characters, terrifying monsters and ending with a very special message. A lot of people gave this movie major hateful reviews because of it’s lack of similarity to the book. Which upon further reading revealed the paperback not to be that great to begin with. For once, a movie is much better than the book, and causes World War Z to take first place.

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Week 4: V For Vendetta

Who else could knock down the barriers set up by the government and social standards than a mask wearing vigilante with a vendetta? Released on March 16th of 2006 and directed by James McTeigue, V for Vendetta is an action packed movie that dives into not only the views of society now, but also in a dystopian (or utopian, depending on your view) future. V for Vendetta is filled with symbolism, a mind blowing plot and underline meaning for finding one’s inner strength, this movie sets a stage unlike any other to break down barriers people have subconsciously put up for themselves with the main thought that with an idea, anything is possible. Every part of this movie is made from symbolism, right down to the name of the main characters, V and Evey Hammond. The plot for V for Vendetta was originally formed from a graphic novel written by Alan Moore via DC Comics. The story depicts a dystopian and post-apocalyptic near-future history version of the United Kingdom in the 1990s, followed by a nuclear war in the 1980s, which has left much of the world in chaos. For this was the basis for the 2006 film, it was more well received by viewers though hated by Moore, who supposedly wrote off Hollywood with great anger toward the directors.

Theatrical Release Poster for V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is a striking movie that is absolutely filled to the breaking point with twists and turns and absolutely thought provoking depth to the storyline. Whether or not it is received as a completely award winning movie or the original writer abandoned it for the filmmakers, it has paved its way as one of the most inspirational movies possibly of the next several decades. Though the argument has been there since 2006 if the movie deserves to be the set for future dystopian political action thrillers or not, it is entirely bent on the viewer opinion on how they see the movie and the world around them. I would highly recommend it to everyone to at least watch it once.

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Introducing Myself

I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be formal or informal, so I’ll try a bit of both.
As it says in the subtitle of the blog, I made this wordpress account for a college class. It certainly isn’t my first blog. A few years ago I had about fifteen thousand or so readers on a different website and now run my own personal on a different server. So blogging in a whole isn’t as new to me as it would be to some other people. As the teacher instructed I was supposed to go to this alternate website discussing ‘Zero To Hero’, with the first day being ‘Introducing Yourself’.

Honestly, there isn’t that much about me to discuss. My name is Cassaundra C. M. Cluth, dual-enrollment student for BHS, currently working full-time and beating my head against the wall to handle the standard trial and tribulations of life. The more important parts of my life consist of my AF JROTC (Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) career, Lowes and my future goals. To explain a little about each, I was an active member of my old school’s (William Fleming) ROTC unit. I spent four years of my life making strong friendships, learning military tactic and standards, finding probably the greatest people in my life that have shaped it in amazing ways, and deciding my future goals. Currently, I work at Lowes and am a full-time student. It’s a full-time permanent position though I soon plan to go into the Air Force for some type of Security Forces or Mechanical Engineering position. I do want to become an author one day, though I realize I need to get my life in order before I go into more creative aspects.


This was my old uniform in my 3rd year of JROTC.

For further reading about William Fleming High’s JROTC unit… hover your mouse icon over the school’s name. Also check here, for the main Air Force ROTC website.

That’s about it on the more important aspects of my life. I look forward to taking more classes after I take a half year off from school to focus on work and getting in shape for the military. After that, I’ll be able to support myself and my mother- and of course, the new edition of a kitten who decided he liked our porch and our bed even better. The military has always been a goal in my life, and though I’ve faced a lot of rebuttal from friends and family alike, I definitely plan to reach it.

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